Where can I spend Torekes?

A number of items are only available with Torekes: the unique gifts. Since 2011yYou can only rent allotments in Rabot-Blaisantvest with Torekes. Other products we can offer a lot cheaper in our local currency, because everyone's commitment to neighbourhood and environment is supported by sponsors. These include tickets to the cinema, tokens of the Quick laundromat and tickets from De Lijn.

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Eten en drinken


Euro >> Torekes
Koop nu verse zuivelproducten, groenten en fruit  op de boerenmarkt aan... More »

Bread, pastry & sandwiches

Euro >> Torekes
Here you can buy freshly baked bread, pastry and sandwiches with Torekes. More »

Cafetaria Tichelhof

In cafetaria Tichelhof kan je aan sociale prijzen van een warme maaltijd... More »

Chocolates and sugarbeans

Euro >> Torekes
You can also get chocolates with the Torekes. More »

Eatery Toreke

Euro >> Torekes
At the Toreke you can enjoy a nice soup or daily special using Torekes. More... More »

Fair Trade products

Euro >> Torekes
Every first Friday of the month from 19.00 till 20.00 you can buy fair trade... More »

Fresh Bread and Pastry

Euro >> Torekes
You can buy oven-fresh bread with Torekes. More »

Fresh fruit and vegetables

Euro >> Torekes
Buy fresh fruit and vegetables and pay with Torekes. More »

Meeting area Rabot Towers

Euro >> Torekes
You can use the Torekes to pay in the meeting area of the Rabot Towers.  More »

Soup and Bread

At the CAW centre de Pannestraat you can get a nice warm bowl of soup, and pay... More »


Movie ticket

82,00 Torekes per item
You can but tickets to all three major cinemas in Ghent at a discount with... More »

Tickets for a show at Kopergietery

Euro >> Torekes
Children, teenagers and familieis can enjoy a show at Kopergietery Rabot.More... More »


Second hand clothing

Euro >> Torekes
Second hand clothing and household supplies. More »

T-shirt (50) / Sweater (100) DeSite

0,00 Torekes
Exclusive DeSite clothing, only available in our neighbourhood with Torekes. More »


A real football or basketball

100,00 Torekes per item
You can buy a high quality football or basketball using the Torekes! More »